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Pick Your Own Peaches and Blackberries!


We are open for blackberry and peach picking every day until further notice! We will be open 8am-1pm at our farm off of Town Branch Rd in Marthasville.

Right now you can pick Glo Havens, All Star, Jim Dandy, and Blushing Star peaches. The Blushing Star is a white peach and the other varieties are yellow. Look for fruit that is plump and has color since not all peaches ripen at the same time on the tree.

You can still pick Blackberries! Look up under the leaves for the berries that are hiding! Itís getting towards the end of the blackberry season but there are still delicious berries ready to be picked!

The blueberries are pretty much finished with their season.

The cherry crop is finished for the season. If you missed them then do what a customer said she'd do - put a reminder in your phone to start checking next year at the beginning of June. We had a full crop this year but they went really quickly!

People are asking about strawberries - they are finished for the season. Strawberries are ripe in May.

Please check back for updates.

Strawberries are $2.80/lb pick your own.
Cherries are $3.49/lb pick your own
Blueberries are $3.99/lb pick your own
Gooseberries $3.99/lb pick your own
Blackberries $3.99/lb pick your own
Peaches $1.89/lb pick your own

We accept cash, checks, and cards.

When we are picking:

We ask people to maintain a social distance from other customers. Please only handle the containers that you plan to fill and take home.

We love to have children in the orchard. Please be vigilant to help them maintain a safe social distance from other families. Please also be mindful to where they are in relation to the driveway. Please keep an eye on your children at all times. It is sometimes tempting for kids to pick fruit and throw it like a ball. Please don't allow your kids to do this.

We can no longer allow customers to bring pets to the orchard. We understand this is disappointing to some customers but in order to stay compliant with food safety protocols it is a necessary decision. Thank you for understanding.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

Here'a a list of the fruit we will be picking in 2022



The market in Marthasville is open every day 9-6. Visit us for fresh peaches, produce, jams, salsas, and more! This market is 4 miles north of Marthasville on Hwy 47.

The market in Washington is open! We plan to be there every day from 9-6 unless it's really hot in the afternoon and we need to pack up early. Visit us for fresh peaches, produce and more! This market is at the corner of 5th and Locust Streets in Washington.

Our Fruit

Here is the fruit we grow and the general times of ripening. The exact dates differ each year depending on the weather!

Strawberries: May
Cherries: June
Blueberries: June
Gooseberries: June
Peaches: late-June thru early-September
Blackberries: June and July
Apples: mid-August thru October

A Word About Safety

Please Be Careful!
We strive to maintain a safe orchard environment. There are many fruits available that can be reached from the ground. If a piece of fruit is tempting you from the top of the tree, use the ladders at your own risk.

If you choose to use a ladder while picking fruit, Thierbach Orchards assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents. You must understand the inherent risks and dangers associated with using ladders in the orchard.

If you do choose to use this ladder, form a tripod between the pole and the ladder legs for stability. Do not climb to the highest rungs.

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